Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Salvador Option

The next time you hear about the latest atrocity in the Iraqi "civil war" think - The Salvador Option.

If you ever stop to wonder how these paramilitary death squads wearing police uniforms and travelling in brand new SUVs are able to cross through American Army check points with impunity think - The Salvador option.

If you find it a little strange that the man who is thought to be in charge of these death squads happens to be the newly promoted Minister of the Interior of the Iraqi Goverment think - The Salvador Option.

Watch this must see video and remember that America's current Ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, was the man in charge of US operations in El Salvador in the early 1980's when 'The Salvador Option' tortured, killed and maimed an entire generation.

History repeats itself and the true war criminals are fetted as great and civilised men.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smoking Guns and Other Co-incidences

Using rational thought to explain an unusual occurrence or phenomena, it is considered best practise to develop a hypothosis which can be tested against the emerging factual evidence.

If the factual information not only begins to stack up against the original hypothesis but also seriously undermines it - then it's time to get yourself a new working hypothesis.

The mass media promote narratives which in the 24 hour news merry-go-round very quickly become established orthodoxies. Headline writers work with memes that settle like seeds into the psyche of the general population. Perhaps the most prominent 'mind virus' in current circulation is "Muslim terrorists are plotting to kill you." Our memories of planes crashing into towers on 911 and bombs exploding in the London Underground are fearful, fraught and contagious.

But we must remember that the explainations for these two powerful events given to us by the authorites are narratives that remain critically unexamined by the mainstream mass media.

Acting on information received we accept their narrative, Muslims are the threat, and we accept fundamental changes in the balance of power between citizen and state so that that the authorities can protect us.

But how does the widely accepted working hypothesis that the Islamist terrorist group Al Qaeda committed the 911 and 7/7 attacks actually stand up to scrutiny.

These following links will help curious readers make up their own mind.

Very often the small details in the column inches at the back of a newspaper contain the most vital information. This is a collection of 250 mainstream media articles which, when brought together, paint a very different narrative of what occurred on 911.

Check out 250 Smoking Guns

This is a superbly researched look at the incredible number of co-incidences we are expected to believe in order to accept the official 911 story. From one of the best websites on the net - Rigorous Intuition (see links)

Be sure to read The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

More 911 and 7/7 posts to follow.

Keey your Jesus off my penis!

A very funny one in the eye for the evangelical Christian Taliban ;0)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Elephant in the room

The last century was an abject and horrifying spectacle of empires gone bad. Just six years into the 21st century and the hubris of empire is back with a vengeance.

But there is an issue which, if fully understood and acted upon by the population at large, could bring true justice to the world quicker than we ever dreamed of.

It really is the elephant in the room. Yep, that root of all evil, money.

There's something very peculiar that happens when you try to discuss macro-economics with everyday people. The deceit is so huge - "are you saying that they just make money out of nothing?" - that people just can't believe it. It's as if some dark mentalist and mind bender has cast a hex in the collective consciousness to ward off critical examination of where money comes from.

But if we created money to act as the servant of a creatively inspired population and not the master of a people enslaved by debt we'd have a radically different landscape in which human potential has a far better chance of flourishing.

From Freedom to Fascism is a great place to start unraveling the money myth. Although it is based largely on US financial institutions its basic tenants apply to all modern states.

It's the biggest lie of them all - and the one that needs to be exposed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Gaylord Tennis and the History of Oil

"The First World War started with the British invasion of Iraq..."

Rob Newman takes us on a comic journey through alternative histories starting when war machines moved from steam to oil.

Some very good 'cognitive dissonant' perspectives here which makes you realise just how much faux history has been spoon fed to us.

Sometimes his need for a laugh gets in the way of the narrative but as Uncle Sam's empire slips away - the question is... will he take the rest of the world with him?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Devil in the Detail

Read an interesting magazine article in the Guardian at the weekend about life as a British squaddie in Afghanistan.

It's a colour piece from a war torn land, the sort of copy journalists love to bash out while dreaming of Ernest Hemingway.

But with direct quotes from the mouths of shaven headed squaddies, it mines a rich seam of authenticity in what has been almost a total media blackout. British troops are currently involved in the fiercest fighting since the Korean War but you wouldn't know it from mainstream TV.

Newspapers have been a little better but because the battlezone is so dangerous most of the information is squeezed through an MOD filter.

But ask a squaddie a question and he'll give you an honest answer. After reassuring the population that the Brits were there to "develop security" the Paras went unmolested while on patrol, at ease with the locals they could get away with wearing soft hats.

That was until there was a secret 'special forces' operation.

Says Lt Andy Mallet: "The civvies in Sangin started to say, 'Well, who was doing all that, all these explosions and noise?' and we just had to say, 'Well, it wasn't us.' All over Helmand Province, all over Afghanistan, there's special forces ops going in left, right and centre... you just learn to live with it. Just on that one occasion, that was the catalyst which turned the Afghans against us."

It's just mentioned in passing, a splash of colour before the nitty gritty of the hardcore fighting. But you've got to ask if there isn't a hard news story here?

How about "Botched special forces op puts troop's lives at risk?" or "Spook terror campaign stirs Afghans to arms."

You wont hear these headlines being chimed out on News at Ten. In fact, the only reference to special forces in the mainstream media is usually in relation to their great skill and bravery in saving us from the swivel-eyed Islamofascist fanatics.

Their actions are shrouded in the secrecy of "national security" and any investigation into their proper role and function as part of a democratic state is left to obscure leftist journals and late night talk radio.

In fact, who exactly is in charge of these licensed to kill operatives? (the British army on the frontline obviously have no idea what they are up to)

Thankfully, we have the UK's brilliantly conceived 'unwritten constitution' which means that, should these special agents cause murder and mayhem across the globe, they'll have to answer to the wrath of Margaret Beckett.

James Bond must be shitting his pants.

No, special forces found in Arab clothing with a car boot full of bombs, unexplained explosions, orchestrated terror campaigns are but a trifling side show in the theatre of war.

Worthy of a mention in a colour piece on page 25 of a weekend supplement maybe.

But serious hard news. Never.

Full article here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Deviant Male Conservative: an Analysis

Found this posted in a comments section of a blog which I thought was both brilliant and hilarious. Written by a Mr Ben Trip, it is pretty long, so here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite.

"These conservatives have spent their lives denying themselves and others various things: they deny themselves the mustachioed sailor of their dreams, and they deny black people basic civil rights. They deny themselves a furtive glance at an early-period Britney Spears video, and they deny women the right to reproductive freedom. The conservative doesn't understand that an urge is only an urge, nothing more, and doesn't understand that people who are different are not a threat to them personally, nor to their house-of-cards moral apparatus."

Read it in full (with the long, long list of Conservative deviants here)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

God Bless the CIA

Revealing testimony of former CIA agents who have gone on the record to speak out against the agency's complicity in torture, assassination and general terrorism across the globe.

Settle down with a glass of cola and a slice of Mom's apple pie for stories of bravery, poisonous darts and cement powder added to children's milk.

There's genuine remorse in their voices as they struggle to come to terms with what they took part in. At 44 minutes it's well worth a look.

Stage managed coup

A short primer on Edward Bernays, PR guru to Jospeh Goebbels and PR campaign manager for CIA backed Latin American coups.

This is how they did it back in the 50s - this is exactly how they continue to do it today. It's only seven minutes long but the historical context really helps gives perspective on the 'war on terror.'

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Fourth World War?

"Do you remember world war three? Classified as 'The Cold War' it lasted from 1946 - 1989. Consisting of 143 different conflicts across the globe it resulted in 23 million dead."

So begins this excellent film about the Bolivian Revolution.

Stick with it right to the end and see for yourself staged terror and media manipulation in the guise of 'promoting democracy.' Hugo Chavez won seven elections (despite the mass media throwing everything they had at him) and survived a CIA backed coup when millions took to the streets in protest. If that's not a popular mandate I don't know what is.

Interestingly, the people's first point of call were the hugely biased corporate TV stations which they took off air relying instead on pirate radio stations and groups of motorcycle riders to communicate. Maybe there's a lesson there?

Essential viewing. If not working above check it out here

At the end I had a tear in my eye. Viva la revolution!