Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smoking Guns and Other Co-incidences

Using rational thought to explain an unusual occurrence or phenomena, it is considered best practise to develop a hypothosis which can be tested against the emerging factual evidence.

If the factual information not only begins to stack up against the original hypothesis but also seriously undermines it - then it's time to get yourself a new working hypothesis.

The mass media promote narratives which in the 24 hour news merry-go-round very quickly become established orthodoxies. Headline writers work with memes that settle like seeds into the psyche of the general population. Perhaps the most prominent 'mind virus' in current circulation is "Muslim terrorists are plotting to kill you." Our memories of planes crashing into towers on 911 and bombs exploding in the London Underground are fearful, fraught and contagious.

But we must remember that the explainations for these two powerful events given to us by the authorites are narratives that remain critically unexamined by the mainstream mass media.

Acting on information received we accept their narrative, Muslims are the threat, and we accept fundamental changes in the balance of power between citizen and state so that that the authorities can protect us.

But how does the widely accepted working hypothesis that the Islamist terrorist group Al Qaeda committed the 911 and 7/7 attacks actually stand up to scrutiny.

These following links will help curious readers make up their own mind.

Very often the small details in the column inches at the back of a newspaper contain the most vital information. This is a collection of 250 mainstream media articles which, when brought together, paint a very different narrative of what occurred on 911.

Check out 250 Smoking Guns

This is a superbly researched look at the incredible number of co-incidences we are expected to believe in order to accept the official 911 story. From one of the best websites on the net - Rigorous Intuition (see links)

Be sure to read The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

More 911 and 7/7 posts to follow.

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