Thursday, October 26, 2006

Elephant in the room

The last century was an abject and horrifying spectacle of empires gone bad. Just six years into the 21st century and the hubris of empire is back with a vengeance.

But there is an issue which, if fully understood and acted upon by the population at large, could bring true justice to the world quicker than we ever dreamed of.

It really is the elephant in the room. Yep, that root of all evil, money.

There's something very peculiar that happens when you try to discuss macro-economics with everyday people. The deceit is so huge - "are you saying that they just make money out of nothing?" - that people just can't believe it. It's as if some dark mentalist and mind bender has cast a hex in the collective consciousness to ward off critical examination of where money comes from.

But if we created money to act as the servant of a creatively inspired population and not the master of a people enslaved by debt we'd have a radically different landscape in which human potential has a far better chance of flourishing.

From Freedom to Fascism is a great place to start unraveling the money myth. Although it is based largely on US financial institutions its basic tenants apply to all modern states.

It's the biggest lie of them all - and the one that needs to be exposed.

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