Thursday, October 12, 2006

Deviant Male Conservative: an Analysis

Found this posted in a comments section of a blog which I thought was both brilliant and hilarious. Written by a Mr Ben Trip, it is pretty long, so here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite.

"These conservatives have spent their lives denying themselves and others various things: they deny themselves the mustachioed sailor of their dreams, and they deny black people basic civil rights. They deny themselves a furtive glance at an early-period Britney Spears video, and they deny women the right to reproductive freedom. The conservative doesn't understand that an urge is only an urge, nothing more, and doesn't understand that people who are different are not a threat to them personally, nor to their house-of-cards moral apparatus."

Read it in full (with the long, long list of Conservative deviants here)

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