Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Salvador Option

The next time you hear about the latest atrocity in the Iraqi "civil war" think - The Salvador Option.

If you ever stop to wonder how these paramilitary death squads wearing police uniforms and travelling in brand new SUVs are able to cross through American Army check points with impunity think - The Salvador option.

If you find it a little strange that the man who is thought to be in charge of these death squads happens to be the newly promoted Minister of the Interior of the Iraqi Goverment think - The Salvador Option.

Watch this must see video and remember that America's current Ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, was the man in charge of US operations in El Salvador in the early 1980's when 'The Salvador Option' tortured, killed and maimed an entire generation.

History repeats itself and the true war criminals are fetted as great and civilised men.

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